Space/ Aura Shield

The following four essences are good for home/ land/ buildings/ offices and crystals.

Space Clearing Meta-Set:

Crystal Clear, Astral Clear, Clear 2 Light

1. Crystal Clear

Probably the world's first space and aura clearing essence, Crystal Clear was first sold in 1993 and endorsed by Judy Hall in "The Art of Psychic Protection" (Findhorn Press). Can be used in the aura via evaporation or sprayed for space clearing.

2. Astral Clear

The "kick ass" clearing essence that takes on really tough stuff. Use in the aura, or via a diffuser for space clearing.

3. Clear 2 Light

We've tweaked the recipe for this one which as well as cleansing also raises the vibrational frequency to that of white light. This is great when clearing darker energies. Turn the light on! Use in exactly the same way as Crystal Clear.

4. Golden Glow

A new space clearing essence, works as the name implies! use in same way as Crystal Clear. This essence imparts a beautiful golden glow to wherever it is used as well as clearing energies.

All 4 essences are excellent in the bath, you can also treat the aura of pets, as well as consenting friends ..!!

Petaltone Plant Ally

From Hawaii, PPA is a versatile Plant Spirit Medicine working as an Ally to your energetic process: this essence will powerfully enhance any energetic healing or cleansing, and has great potential in the right hands. It is also highly aware and will only work to further wellbeing, cannot be misused. A few drops are placed on the ground at the feet of the client, or in the space you wish to clear. Instructions are then given, the more detailed the structure you use the more accurate the results. You can meditate or journey and meet PPA, this is a worthwhile experience and a good way to begin your relatioinship with this Ally. PPA is never taken internally.

Space and Aura Protection Clearing Set

The next three essences are good for space and aura protection.

1. Power Shield

Special psychic protection essence, cleanses the aura and builds a powerful astral barrier of protection preventing incursions of unwanted energies, interference etc. The ideal compliment to our space clearing essences. Use as often as needed via evaporation into the aura from the hands or by applying a couple of drops to the inner wrists (energy access point).

2. Space Master

Powerful shielding esence for both the aura and the home/workplace. Builds and strengthens the shielding against intruding entities and lower astral energies. Appy via evaportion or spray.

3. Safe Space

If you are suffering from intrusions into your aura space, interference, or get unduly influenced by other people, (including media, governments, strong personalities etc) this essence creates a safe aura space in which you can reconnect with yourself. apply via placing a few drops between your feet on the floor. Never take internally.

The 21 Basic Essences

Free Pendulum With Original 21 Petaltone Set

The above link is a directory that is both a practical tool for use of the essences and, also, a useful reference and indicator covering multiple levels from physical through to spiritual.

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